The beauty of Uncle Carney’s Bootleg products is they can be used for all manner of cooking. From sautéing and grilling to creating crockpot meals, appetizers, condiments, and desserts. Below are just some of the ways you can use Uncle Carney's Bootleg to add flavor to your next meal:


Uncle Carney’s Bootleg is a great topping for cheesecake, ice-cream, pies and any other desserts you choose.


Use in any stir fry dish, including vegetable chicken beef shrimp pork tofu tempeh.


Add toward the end of grilling anything, from steaks and chicken to pork and salmon.

Add to your favorite crockpot recipe: chicken, beef, turkey meatballs, pork loins or roast ham.
As A Condiment

You can use our products on burgers and sandwiches or as toppings for crepes, blintzes, and pierogies. You can also mix them into mashed taters, add to eggs, rice or veggies or spread onto any bread.


Need some inspiration? We have a variety of recipes that are jammin' with flavor!

  • MEATBALLS..Use a 28oz bag of meatballs with any flavor 10oz jar in the crockpot cooked 3hrs on low.
  • PULLED PORK..Using a 2lb Pork Shoulder or preferred meat for pulled pork, aerate the meat add to a crockpot then pour a jar of Uncle Carneys Apple Pie Pepper Glaze and Cook low for 4-5hrs.
  • CHICKEN WINGS..Use your preferred method to cook wings, while still hot mix desired amount of Uncle Carney's Mango Pineapple wings and mix, for a finger licking good appetizer.
  • FISH..Use Uncle Carneys Peach Mango Pepper Glaze as a coating on a Salmon/Swordfish prior to cooking, then a glaze over the top right off the grill or over. Also, a desired amount to shrimp sautéed in a pan.
  • SEASONINGS..Drizzle Evoo over your veggies and generously add anyone of our Low Salt Seasonings  mixed. Bake for 30min at 400deg for a crispy treat or side dish


Make delicious appetizers with our products.

  • Fill phyllo dough cups with any soft cheese, any flavor jam, and bake.
  • Pour over any soft cheese and serve with crackers.
  • Add to salad dressing for an added sweet kick.
  • Cheddar cheese thumbprint biscuits filled with our red bell pepper habanero jam.
  • Replace the jam in your recipe with Uncle Carney’s Jams for an added kick!
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