It All Started With The Jam

If you want to know the story of Uncle Carney’s Bootleg, you have to start with the jam. Glen Carney was taught the basics of jam-making from his grandmother and after he refined and perfected his first flavor, he began cooking and running the small-batch jam operation out of his home.

Glen could hardly keep up with the demand and as the popularity grew, his business grew. He eventually ran afoul of the law — just as all good bootleggers do. So Glen had to make a choice: shut down, or go legit and bring his jam to the public.

We all know what he chose. And today we have Uncle Carney’s Bootleg Jams.

Jam And Beyond

In the years since Glen went legit, each jam’s recipe has been carefully crafted to contain the highest quality, smoothest spreadability, and a unique and flavorful experience packed into each jar.

In addition to the original bootleg jams that started it all, Uncle Carney’s has developed an all-purpose low-salt seasoning, limited batch flavors of jam and even Uncle Carney-branded merchandise – all to serve the ever-growing “bootleg” family.

Product Perfection

Our product has been perfected for more to enjoy:

  • Jams are blended with a smooth consistency
  • Jams exclude butter and/or any fat-based ingredients
  • Easy to buy, easy to use, easy to enjoy
  • Fresh, Non-GMO Ingredient
  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • No salt added
  • Gluten-free
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